Farmlife coir pith grow-bags have become a popular choice for multipurpose growing medium for vegetables, fruits & flowers. Our substrates grow-bags are 100% natural. Grow-bags are made up of a special mixture of coir pith and chips, designed to provide the ideal air to water ratio for hydroponics. Our strict quality control regime ensures that only the best coir products reach our clients.

They are packed in high density, co-extruded bags, which are treated with ultraviolet rays at least a minimum of 2 years. Another advantage is that they are easy to transport before re-hydration and can be stocked for months as they are compressed dry.

 Benefits of Farmlife Coir pith Grow Bags

  • It increases the porosity of the potting mix that helps to keep the soil loose and airy helping in better root growth which in turn results in better plant growth and higher yield.
  • Coir Pith increases the water retention capacity of the potting mix even as it increases the porosity of the soil that safeguards the plant from overwatering or under-watering.
  • Coir Pith offers higher porosity, water holding capacity and cation exchange capacity together that the quantity ofCoir Pith required per plant is very less. Hydroponics plant cultivation usesCoir Pith to consistently maximize yield and provide better quality.
  • Coir Pith has excellent properties that can be used as a soilless medium. As it is an organic medium it has high cation exchange capacity that allows nutrients to be absorbed and released according to the plants requirements.
  • Dry Coir Pith is very hydrophilic and quickly absorbs water making it easy to use.
  • Compared to an inorganic medium such as perlite, vermiculite or rockwool. Coir Pith can be compressed to one fifth or less of its volume reducing transportation, storage and handling expenses.
  • Coir Pith is a renewable media which is extracted from the husk of coconuts. Earlier seen as a waste product just a couple of decades ago is now one of the thrust products for export for Coir Board of India.
  • Coir Pith contains natural Trichoderma which acts as a bio-agent against harmful pathogens. It provides a great environment for beneficial fungi and bacteria to grow which improves the fertility of the medium for plant growth. It also offers some natural resistance to plant diseases and this in turn enhances the span life of the plants.
  • In Farmlife, we offerCoir Pith compressed into a variety of shapes and sizes to suit all growing applications.
  • Coir Pith mixed with coconut husk chips provides all the advantages of Coir Pith while increasing the drainage of the mix.
  • The excellent water holding capacity of Coir Pith provides a buffer in high temperatures and high crop load demand without compromising air supply.    

 In short,Coir Pith is a multi-purpose growing medium that provides new opportunities for

   –  Potting mix suppliers
   –  Seedling nurseries
   –  Hydroponics growers
   –  Golf green environment constructors 

20ft  & 40 ft Grow Bag Packing



Farmlife Coir Pith /Coir Fiber has a unique ability to withstand high compaction force without losing its beneficial structure. The compressed blocks are hydrated slowly by using 25 litres of water, allowing the moisture to be fully absorbed and the block is completely reconstituted to get the yield 70 – 75 litres. Now, these coir blocks are ready to use it to improve your potting soils or use as a 100% soilless growing medium. A perfect growing media for flower and vegetable cultivation as well for soil fertility.



 Benefits of Farmlife Coir Block 

  •   Most suitable potting mixes
  •   Offers excellent air porosity
  •   Offers excellent water retention
  •   Provides good irrigation efficiency
  •   Offers faster germination times & quicker seedling rotations
  •   Environmentally preferable to the alternatives
  •   Degrades slower than other peats.

We offer 5 kg of washed dried & compressed Coir Pith  according to our client’s requirements. The entire growing media for vegetable, horticulture, farms, greenhouses as well as used in potting mixtures and soil conditions.

  •   Block size:  30x30x15 cm
  •   Weight: 4.5 Kg & 5 Kg
  •   Expansion: 60 – 70 Liters
  •   Quantity: Per 40Ft con1


Coir dust or coir pith is a byproduct gained during the extraction of coir fibre from coconut husk. It is purely a natural organic product. Our composted coir dust or old mulched dust is collected-screened-dried before making into a bale or small block. It is a natural, unique, spongy cellulose organic contents plant growing media usable in garden centres, horticulture and nurseries. It has a high water retention capacity for good plant growth. It is dissolved easily in water. Coir dust bales are individually wrapped or supplied in a naked block basis. It is a cheap alternative and natural organic product for peat moss. We in Farmlife, supply coir dust/pith in block or bale form-pressed in 8:1, 5:1 or 3:1 basis.



Benefits of Farmlife Coir Pith 

  •      It is 100% organic
  •      Offers high water and nutrition holding capacity
  •      Enhances a strong and healthy root system
  •      Good air porosity
  •      Perfect growing medium for plants. Extensively used in tomato, cucumber, rose, and strawberry plantation.
  •      Used in Horticulture and Floriculture Environments
  •      Used in greenhouse plantation