All you need to know about coconut oil!


It is made by extracting from the coconut “kernel,” the white and meaty part of the coconut beneath the shell. Its unique, nutritional contents is a game-changer for anyone mindful of their health. We at Farmlife offer the best coconut oil from the farms of Kerala state in India.


 This product is way more than just a tasty source of fat. Here are some of the unbelievable benefits it can offer you:

Weight Loss

The MCTs in coconut oil help you burn more fat. As they go straight from your digestive tract to your liver, your body uses them as a quick energy source. It also helps curb your appetite. Multiple reports found that people who eat the most MCTs at breakfast ate fewer calories the rest of the day—without deliberately trying to lower their caloric intake.


Dental Health

Coconut oil is also a good way to keep your dentist off your side. Its antibacterial properties make it the perfect way to keep your mouth and teeth healthy, whether it’s used in homemade toothpaste, mouthwash, or oil pulling. A study from India found that oil pulling reduced bad breath, kill harmful bacteria, and improve overall dental health and hygiene.


Skin Care

One can also use coconut oil to help keep your skin moisturised, smooth, and youthful. Coconut oil works great on dry skin, as it’s been shown to improve skin hydration and lipid levels on the skin’s surface. It also keeps your skin look youthful. Coconut oil works as an antioxidant and protecting your skin from the damage of free radicals. Coconut oil is also a brilliant choice for an aftershave lotion or pain relief after a sunburn as it keeps the skin moist, while its antibacterial properties ensure that wounds don’t become infected.


Hair and Scalp Care

If you’re stressed with dry hair or dandruff, coconut oil might just be the remedy you’re looking for. You can make homemade coconut oil shampoo, and use it every time you shower—to moisturise your scalp and eliminate dandruff once and for all. Another choice: Use coconut oil as a natural conditioner. You won’t have to worry about damaging chemicals in other conditioners, and the oil has even been shown to reduce protein loss.


Antifungal, Antibacterial, and Antiviral

Coconut oil contains lauric acid, which helps fight bacteria and makes it extremely difficult for viruses and fungi to continue. Many modern health issues (everything from athlete’s foot to yeast infections and digestive problems) are caused by an overgrowth of bad bacteria, fungi, and viruses. With its enormously high lauric acid proportion, coconut oil helps prevent those problems.


Preferably, look for organic, unrefined coconut oil to get the best quality stuff. You’re looking for an oil that came from fresh coconuts, not copra. The purest stuff will be produced via cold-pressing (without exposure to heat or other chemicals). You’ll save money by buying in bulk, which works out well because coconut oil can keep for between 12 and 18 months—as long as you keep it away from direct sunlight. We at Farmlife offers quantity and desired packaging according to our customer’s needs.


Banana Chips – Here are some benefits!

Snacking during the day can be a great way to board off hunger and possibly avoid overeating during meals. But certain snacks are less than healthy. Banana chips sound like a more natural alternative potato chips – but know how healthy they are?

Calories for Energy

Banana chips are moderately quite high in calories. Roughly 10 percent of your day-to-day calorie can be achieved from a decent serving if you follow a standard 2,000-calorie diet. Most of the calories derived from carbohydrates and fat – 25 and 14 grams, respectively. Both of these nutrients serve as a really good source of energy. That means banana chips can keep your body fuelled up between meals, but it also means that eating large servings of banana chips can trigger weight gain.


Decent Source of Magnesium

Having banana chips means you’ll get some nutritional value for your calorie investment. These are a good source of some essential vitamins, especially magnesium. Your body requires magnesium for energy production, cell-to-cell communication and DNA synthesis, an important part of cell growth. It also works collected with other minerals like calcium and phosphorus, to make up your bone and tooth tissue, which means consuming foods high in magnesium may help keep your skeleton strong. A serving of banana chips will net you 32 milligrams of magnesium.


A possible Potassium Powerhouse

Part of the cause of bananas has a good health reputation is their potassium content. Banana chips offer some potassium as well, though it might be less than you expect. Each serving supplies about 5 percent of the potassium you need on a daily basis. This potassium offers some healthy profits, including support for your nerves and muscles and blood pressure-lowering properties. However, eating a fresh banana gives you more potassium as compared to the chips.


Don’t forget to consider

Many commercially obtainable banana chips are both fried and sweetened, which means they’re relatively high in fat and added sugar. While fat itself isn’t necessarily bad, you’ll take in about 12 grams of saturated fat, which won’t do much for your cardiovascular well-being. Worse, banana chips contain added sugar, which is related to obesity, heart disease and diabetes. Which means banana chips are best appreciated as an occasional delicacy. So always be considerate in getting the good pack of banana chips. We in Farmlife, make the best crispy, tasty and healthy banana chips with good quality coconut oil.